Greek Language Courses for Foreigners - Learn Greek in Volos!

Για Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ


Fiore Language Centers in Volos, Greece offer Greek language learning and certification programmes, in accordance with the requirements and programme of the Greek Language Centre of the Greek Ministry of Education.

A certificate of level A, B, C or D can be obtained by successful exam candidates. Each level includes comprehension and production of oral and written speech examinations.


The Greek language proficiency certificate is necessary for:

  • issuing a residence permit (level B)
  • issuing a professional practice permit (level B or D)
  • appointment as a civil servant (level C or D)
  • and employment in the private sector (level B)


Level A - Basic Knowledge

At level A the adult user will be able to understand and use everyday expressions aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type, such as:

  • telephone calls
  • day-to-day life (shopping, entertainment etc)
  • interpersonal relationships
  • understanding the Mass Media 


Level B - Moderate Knowledge (independent Greek language user)

The adult user will be able to deal with situations involving direct everyday interactions, such as:

  • contact with public services
  • business transactions
  • processing of documents (applications, certificates, banking transactions)
  • social practices (Greek habits and customs)
  • elementary knowledge of Greek culture


Level C – Very Good Knowledge (competent Greek language user)

At this level, the adult user will develop the ability to:

  • use a wide range of vocabulary
  • communicate fluently and spontaneously, using both oral and written scientific and literary language


Level D – Excellent Knowledge (proficient Greek language user)

At level D, the adult learner will be in a position to use successfully a wide range of vocabulary and concepts:

  • scientific terminology, essays
  • attending lectures and conferences
  • academic/scientific writing
  • literature

Finally, he or she will be able to understand and express himself or herself fluently and properly in all the domains of social and private life.


Fiore SA Language Centres in Volos, Greece prepare responsibly adult Greek language learners for all levels, adjusting the educational process to the needs of each candidate.

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